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8500 easier to use. Your new CDM-8500 provides you with something only an Audiovox phone can: the proven reliability that has made us a leading wireless cell phone provider. Please take a few moments to read the following pages of the owner’s manual. It will help you make the most efficient use of this valuable communications tool. Preface. Transfer your new free ringtone to your Virgin Mobile U.S.A. cell phone; From your Virgin Mobile U.S.A. cell phone's menus, assign the newly transfered ringtone to your phone's ringtones (the technique will vary from phone to phone) * If your Virgin Mobile U.S.A. cell phone allows it, you can also do that with any mp3 or compatible music file.

DOWNLOAD RINGTONES AND WALLPAPERS. Smartphone. If you’ve got a Smartphone, there’s more than one way to get new ringtones and wallpapers. Check out our Interactive Phone Guide for more info on how to download ringtones and wallpapers on your phone.. Life hack: Create your own wallpapers by taking pictures or saving images to your Photos and then setting them as wallpaper on your lock or. Find your device in the list below and download the manual to see how to get started. Explore device features apps and more. You can also find how-to videos for a crash course on the basics.