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Dom Orejudos - aka Etienne/Stephen July 1, 1933 - September 24, 1991. Etienne was a dancer and choreographer and became a world renown erotic artist whose muscular images have become immediately recognizable. His personal fascination with leather, feet and socks was always made evident in much of his artwork. (Gay erotic fiction: Short. STEPHEN. SERIES V. ETIENNE SETTLERS (You'll note another signature on some of these images. They belong to guy who used to go by the name Nick Shadow. Many years ago, he did a great deal of colorizing and sepia toning various artworks, much to the pleasure of some and the irritation of others!) (Gay erotic fiction: Short stories available.

May 06, 2018 · Etienne Gay Comics Zack Etienne Gay Comics. Male Tickle Torture Drawings [Bara/Comic].[Domingo Stephen] Orejudos Etienne. etienne gay porn, logan gay art, by the hun gay comics, gay comic art, etienne stephen sailor, etienne cartoons truck stop gay, etienne gay art football, nasty gay cartoons, gay erotic cartoons. Dec 25, 2013 · [Stephen/Etienne] Here Comes the Groom [Eng] December 25, 2013 To Comments. Filed Under: One Shot Language: English Genres: Bara/ Muscle Tagged With: Group Sex/ Foursome, Stephen/ Etienne, Threesome, Western. Western Comic - Read from Left to Right.

Feb 11, 2008 · Here's the Wikipedia entry on Oliver Frey - also known as Zack. His work is featured on Gay-Toons.Com - a pay site, but you can find his work on many blogs and sites if you look hard enough. Here are the main sites I came across: Arrumako's Frey Tag Zack Month on Meatcute. A unique opportunity! Rogue original comic story boards from the ROGUE GALLERY ROGUE GALLERY.