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We're the gals of the Original Cowgirls Espresso established in 2002 by Lori Bowden, and we're here everyday to serve you up the finest coffee beverages out here in the Ol' West! With 15 locations in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area, we offer up the very best in Espresso beverages, including lattes, mochas, and our famous 32 ounce Buckin' Bronco. A bikini barista is a person who prepares and serves coffee drinks while dressed in scanty attire such as a bikini or lingerie. In the United States, this marketing trend (sometimes referred to as sexpresso or bareista) originated in the Seattle, Washington area in the early 2000s.

Seattle is at the forefront of the bikini barista phenomena that is sweeping across the world, and is all started right here. New bikini barista espresso businesses are popping up all over the place, and up until now, it has been really hard to find them. has solved the problem. Bikini barista espresso stands listed by location in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Bikini Baristas. Bikini Baristas by Location. Bikini barista espresso stands are listed by state: Washington and Oregon, and within each state by city. Seattle Map Chick a Latte 10733 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA Foxy Lady Latte 551 S Michigan St.

Jan 20, 2016 · If you go to grab a cup of coffee in Spokane, Washington, you might run into baristas who look a little different. In a new video, restaurant guide Zagat explores the rising trend of topless drive. A federal judge has issued an injunction that prevents the City of Everett from enforcing two laws aimed at curbing so-called “bikini barista” coffee stands, saying the ordinances are likely.