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Predictors of Success for Adult Online Learners: A Review of the Literature. What are the predictors of adult students' success in online learning environments? Ke and Xie's (2009) study showed that regardless of an adult learner's age, students self-reported the same amount of effort put into learning tasks and reported comparable. Nontraditional students with outside responsibilities can benefit from the flexibility online courses offer.

Jul 29, 2017 · Want to know about the evolution of eLearning For Adult Learners? Check what you need to know about the evolution of online education for adult learners. In an effort to increase enrollment, these schools have begun to cater to the adult learner. Universities began offering night and weekend classes. The Online Learning Consortium, in a. There are distinct differences in the learning styles of adult learners and the younger college population. You should keep these differences in mind when designing or teaching a course with adult students.Younger Learners are Adult Learners are Subject-oriented, seeking to successfully complete each course, regardless of how the course relates to their own goals.