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Motor speech disorders include two primary categories, apraxia and dysarthria. In order to produce speech, every person must coordinate a range of muscles and muscle groups, including those controlling the larynx with the vocal cords, the lips, the tongue, the jaw and the respiratory system. Apraxia of speech is a motor speech disorder in which motor function is intact, but the neurologic mechanisms for planning and programming the motor speech sequences are impaired. Stroke is the primary cause of motor speech disorders in adults, and there is a high incidence and prevalence of stroke in nonmainstream cultural groups.

The motor difficulties experienced by individuals with dyspraxia are not a result of physical deficits. Dyspraxia, like many developmental disorders, is neurological in origin – that is, it has its basis in the brain. The brain is a network of neural connections that allow us to process the information we receive. Aug 20, 2015 · Earlier, relatively large-scale, cross-sectional studies of groups of typically fluent children spanning age 4 years through young adults reveal that the typical pattern of speech motor development is protracted, with adult-like speech motor dynamics not appearing until the late teen Cited by: 18.

Nov 28, 2017 · Apraxia is a motor speech disorder caused by damage to the parts of the brain related to speaking. Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder in which the muscles of . differentially diagnose the major types of motor speech disorders, including acquired apraxia of speech and flaccid, spastic, UUMN, hypokinetic, hyperkinetic, and ataxic dysarthrias implement a comprehensive approach to assessment of motor speech disorders in adults for the purposes of differential diagnosis, speech intelligibility and efficiency, and communication comprehensibility.