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Once done, all your Yahoo Emoticons and Smileys will be replaced with some very naught and adult versions. We're currently testing this patch to ensure that it works correctly, and that users of Yahoo Messenger 8.0 can also use the adult emoticons. There is an adult version of almost every original Yahoo Emoticon in the dirty emoticons set for. Hidden Yahoo Emoticons. With nearly 100 default emoticons, Yahoo Messenger easily has the most impressive selection of standard emoticons and smileys. And when it comes to hidden emoticons, Yahoo is easily king of the mountain.. Here is a listing of all Yahoo hidden emoticons, all free to use.

Jan 21, 2007 · How can i get the naughty smiley codes? 1 following. 3 answers 3. Anyone know where or if they have the codes to the naughty smileys for yahoo messenger? I want to install naughty smiley central? More questions. How do i remove naughty adult smileys/emoticons? How do i send a smiley code with out the smiley appearing on my chat screen?Followers: 1. Apr 14, 2019- Explore mdeclaybrook's board "DIRTY EMOJIS ", followed by 2708 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Naughty emoji, Emoji symbols and Emoticon.

Aug 03, 2007 · * Yahoo Messenger - also see Yahoo Adult Emoticons * AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) * Blogs (e.g. MySpace) - We also provide codes * Other IMs like Skype and Google Talk * Email messages You should have no problem using the emoticons with most of these tools, and many of them support animations as well. Simply put, adult emoticons are naughty and rude smileys that you can use almost anywhere. Why was yahoo messenger closed? Well you've come to the best source of Adult Emoticons around! Download Emoticons Email Emoticons. We love designing free emoticons and creating innovative new ideas and we're happy to do that for love.