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Great Two Player Board Games for Adults. Rachel. United States Eureka California. Money isn’t everything, but it is a tiebreaker in Power Grid. Recommend. 27 5.00. This is a list of two player games perfect for couples, roommates, or two friends having a game night. The list includes a wide range of games, and includes multiplayer games. 2 Player Board Games for Adults reviewed in this post (click game to go to its review): Pandemic Kahuna Dice Forge Dead Men Tell No Tales Kingdominio Sequence Stratego Telepathy: Magic Minds HedBanz Codenames: Duet Chess Scrabble. Figuring out proper recommendations for 2 player board games for adults is no easy task.Author: Board Game Junkie.

Jan 17, 2013 · Kids and adults can play. Reply. Laura Macdonald on May 6, 2014 at 7:49 am. My husband and I also like to play Connect 4 (4 in a Row) and Othello. I usually win but he must like the challenge and satisfaction when he does finally win 😛 Another good one is Bananagrams. Two Player Games for Couples, Dates by Design The BEST 2 Player Games. The couple that plays together stays together, but not all board games are created equal. Here are our picks for the best games to play with a partner.

Sep 29, 2018 · Best Board Games for Groups by Size. Board games are a great option for date night or something fun to do when hanging out with friends. Whether it’s just two of you or a group of four, use the following lists of best board games by group size as a starting point when planning your next game night. Best Board Games for Two Players 1. 7. What are some good two player card games with standard.